Make A Way - A Prayer for 2016

On January 13th, during a devotion time, I was praying and felt like I needed to journal my prayer.  I usually don't journal my prayers, but I did that time.  A few days later I felt I wanted to use it as a blog post.  It's called Make A Way.  Enjoy.

"My prayer to You Lord is to Make A Way.  Make a way for Your presence to be known on the earth.  And how can this be? But only through the obedient and intense prayers of your people.  

There is a battle raging outside of flesh and bone, yet it influences flesh and bone.  Subtle agreements made by flesh open doors to the spiritual that allow footholds to be established in families and people.  These things begin to overtake souls without even knowing it and all of a sudden what is evil is made to be good and what is good is made to be evil.  

How will your Presence be manifest, but through Your people.  Thus, it is time to rise in wisdom, which grows from the soil of intense prayers in the secret place.  And by what means is this wisdom transmitted?  Only through Your voice to listening hearts.  So, it is time for Your people to arise under the power of one Voice - the tuning fork of the Holy Spirit.  

As we listen and grow in wisdom, I pray that you help us to embody the fullness of Jesus in our world.  May this fullness be the manifestation of Jesus in and through your people, Your Body.  

But what is the essence Your fullness?  Your Spirit, like a neon sign, points to this essence because it is who Jesus is.  As the prongs of the Spirit's tuning fork reverberate, they resound Your essence in simultaneous and perfect unity throughout eternity and into our world.  The first prong of the Tuning Fork reverberates Your Fathering Love.  It is Your love that moves to permeate our soul and eradicate fear.  Fear of man.  Fear of this world.  Fear of any kind.  And it turns our fear to revere and fear only You.  Thus, it is Your Love that draws and aligns us to the second prong.  The second prong reverberates the Truth.  Your Holy Spirit points us to the Person of Truth - Jesus.  It is You, Jesus, the Truth, who trains us in all of Your ways.  It is You, Jesus, the Truth, who trains us in righteousness.  And it is this essence that You, Father, are working into us, Your people, to let it manifest in our world.  The embodiment of Your essence, the essence of Love & Truth, is what I believe You are increasing in us.  I believe You are doing this at a pace where Your Spirit is stretching and testing our souls.  It is causing us to eliminate activities that distract us from the internal strengthening that Your Spirit is establishing in us, Your people.    

Lord, as we, Your people, align to the Spirit's tuning fork, I pray that we will move with greater power, and confidence, simply because we are embodying the Person of Love & Truth.  I believe it will happen in a way that exudes a Holy and humble confidence. It will be felt in a way that is 100% full of love yet 100% full of truth.  We see this union of love and truth and its manifest effect on earth in Psalm 85:10-11 (KJV):

10 Mercy and truth are met together; righteousness and peace have kissed each other.

11 Truth shall spring out of the earth; and righteousness shall look down from heaven.

This is the picture You are calling Your people to embody and display.  This union of Love & Truth is, You, Jesus.  This passage reveals a Holy crossing.  It's the Holy crossing of Love and Truth that comes down from Your Fathering heart into our world.  It's the heartbeat of Heaven pumping Heaven's Blood into humanity.  And as my friend, Adam Stewart said, "it's a picture of the Holy Cross of Jesus."    The Cross is Love and Truth meeting together causing Heaven's blood to be spilled for all.  It's what our world resists but it's what our world and even the earth groans to see.  Yet, many are not seeing it, so they resist all the more.  

So, where is the gap Lord?  It is not with You.  You are sufficient!  Yet, You are calling us, Your people, to be moved by the reverberation this Holy Crossing of Love and Truth.  You want it to be evident in greater measures in Your world through Your unified people.  And now you are calling us to a greater strength, an unshakable love for You and people, an unparalleled boldness in the face of adversity and an insatiable thirst for truth that transforms.  This passage (Psalm 85:10-11) reverberates the harmony and unity of a people who unapologetically embody Jesus at His word. 

People will be attracted to this love, yet it will be fully accompanied by a trembling reverence for the Holy One.  There won’t be one ounce of sloppy grace.  It will be the true manifestation of Your grace and truth, made to usher in the Holy King of every king.  It will usher in a picture of who Jesus really is.

You are moving your people towards a response to the work of Your Spirit that is taking place inside of them.  It’s a work of Holiness.  And the work of holiness will burn to the core of the soul before it is manifest.  One of the purposes of the work of holiness is to give Your people the strength to stand firm under the umbrella of Your Fathering Love.  It is this Fathering Love that moves us to stand strong in the face of fear and temptation. While fear and temptation work to weaken Your people, Your Fathering love propels Your people toward Holiness.  It makes Your people strong and attractive.  It makes them Attractive because it (Holiness) reflects the face of Jesus. It makes them Strong also because because it (Holiness) reflects the face of Jesus.  You call Your people to set their face like a flint as a result of Your Holiness in them (Isaiah 50:7).  It allows us to stand in the face of fear.  It is Your Holiness that is worked into the fabric of the soul allowing Your people to be a vibrant part IN the world yet radically not OF the world.  It’s a loving embrace of the people in the world coupled with a distinct separation from the world which comes only through the manifestation of Holiness.  Thank you for your attractive yet unapologetic Holiness Lord.  Amen."

I believe, this is part of the essence of Making A Way for His presence to be known.  He has been and is calling His people to make their calling sure, see the battle that is being waged, and enter the war zone with weapons that are not carnal.  Our prayers are to be intensified in 2016.  

People’s lives hang in the balance of our worship and prayers.  Individual humility brings us to our knees in prayer.  And it is this posture of humility that brings us to a place of healing individually, corporately, nationally and internationally.  

God is looking to His people to humbly respond to Him in preparing a way for His manifest presence to be known individually, corporately, nationally and internationally.  Let it be known in increasing measure this 2016.

The Question That Determines All Other Questions

On the heels of our Worship Summit, I began thinking about this year's worship theme called "A Rising Tide."  As I reflected on this theme, I came across a question that seems to be a key energy source designed to fuel the ever-increasing wave in God's people.

This is a question that determines all other questions as it pertains to daily life & the Kingdom.  The question is “What are you becoming?” or “What are we becoming?” The question we usually ask is “Where are we going?” or “What is our next step?”  These aren’t wrong questions.  Actually, they are necessary.  But they only come after we answer the question, “What are we becoming?”  

This question ties into Proverbs 29:18 which says, “Where there is no vision, the people perish.”  Another interpretation is, “Where there is no vision, the people run unrestrained.”  It’s the proverbial image of ants just going in many directions.  It’s movement without mission.  It’s initiative without identity.  It’s running without a rudder. 

People’s lives hang in the balance of who they are becoming, and it is exactly where the enemy attacks every person including even Jesus when He was on earth.

Take kids for example.  The stat shows that many kids, growing up in the church, are leaving the church when they leave to college.  Why?  In large part I believe it is due to not giving them a “vision of becoming”.  The world "seems" to give a greater offer in terms of identity and purpose than church and church-going parents are.  This isn’t true in all cases at all times, however, I do believe this is where the enemy opens up his greatest attack on people.  And it makes sense.  Why?  Because the attack begins internally.  It’s unseen.   And the nature of this attack allows for the enemy to work us overtime over time.  Why?  A lot of times the attack is so subtle that we shake it off as juvenile or innocent, simply because nothing "appears" dire on the outside.  

This kind of attack keeps us from taking quick and immediate action because everything “looks” fine on the outside.  Families can have great smiles in the family photo or great posts on their Facebook pages.  But behind the scenes, the real question is, are we fortifying the Kingdom walls of who we are becoming in Christ on a daily basis? 

With this in mind, I believe God is always looking towards us through the lens of who we are becoming.   2 Chronicles 16:9 says, "The eyes of the Lord search the whole earth in order to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to him."  This verse is not primarily a doing verse, it's a becoming verse.  Why?  Even in the Old Testament we see God cluing us into the greatest key to living for Him: Communion with Him.  Being fully committed to Him never starts with doing, it starts with fellowshipping or meeting with Him habitually.   If we are going to obediently do what God says, it will authentically flow out of an intimate fellowship of being with Jesus.  

Becoming begins with Being.  And Being emboldens Doing.

Interestingly, the anatomy of the word "become" can mean "to meet with",  "to come to" and "to do".  Hence, "becoming" embodies a merge between discovery and doing.  Discovery happens through dedicating time to meet or fellowship for the purpose of knowing something or someone.  Our souls are seeking to be filled 24/7.  What we allow our souls to "fellowship" with will direct who we become and ultimately what we do. 

Whether we know it or not, everyone is becoming something.  But the beautiful part is that God has given us the power to choose with whom and what we will fellowship.  May it be said of us that we prioritize communion with Jesus and His people to become a  Community Of Contagious God-Worshippers for the world to taste and see that He is good.

May who we become, fuel an Arising Church as His Glory rises upon you. - Isaiah 60:1



MCA Worship Summit - Friday, October 2nd | 7pm

Mark your calendar for another fantastic Worship Summit at MCA Church Central Campus!!

At the beginning of each year we focus our MCA Worship & Tech teams Venue and Site-Wide towards the Vision God has for us!   

A Rising Tide is our them for this coming year!  I believe God is calling us to Arise and shine as His Spirit is Arising upon His people to usher in His Kingdom through authentically surrendered lives of Worship to Jesus!  He has so much in store that He wants to reveal in and through His people!

Who Is It For?  Any MCA Worship & Tech Team member that serve in any of our 10 venues and sites.  Spouses are welcome.  Also, anyone who is looking to be a part of the MCA Worship & Tech Team is welcome to check it out.

Childcare? Unfortunately there won't be childcare.

When? Friday Night, October 2nd starting promptly at 7pm.  Sign in starts at 6:45pm.  Come early and get a seat.  

Where? MCA Central Campus Auditorium.  7041 Debarr Rd.

What Can You Expect?  

  • Great Worship!  We have invited LIVE@FAITH Worship Team lead us into the Presence of God again.  They were such a blessing to our teams last year!
 Mark Edington and the LIVE@FAITH Worship Team

Mark Edington and the LIVE@FAITH Worship Team

  • Door Prizes & Gifts!  Lots of door prizes will be drawn and EVERY MCA Worship & Tech Team Member will go home with a special gift that you won't want to miss!  
  • Vision!  Michael will launch the theme A Rising Tide and set the vision for the year!
  • Dessert!  At the end of the night a special dessert and beverage will be served to you to thank you for your passionate and diligent service!

Mark your calendar!  You won't want to miss this event!  Come help us start this year well and become a part of the A Rising Tide that God is growing for His Kingdom!

In His Name!



Grape Growth


Greetings Team!  I recently read an article that said, "You never see a grapevine growing on the ground.  It only flourishes when sustained by a lattice.  The lattice gives just enough structure to sustain the life of the vine.  And as a result the vine flourishes."  ~Sion Alford

The same is true in the Worship department.  We have the lattice of our Vision, Mission, Strategy and Values that give just enough structure to sustain life.  This framework shows us a few things: /vision/

  1. Where we are going together. (Vision)
  2. The strategy to get there. (Mission / Strategy)
  3. The guiding behaviors that keep us on the right track. (Values)

However, this is where the tension begins.  Whenever a vision and strategy are proclaimed, we immediately see and feel the gap between the already and the not-yet. The already can be defined as: what we have already experienced or currently see as reality up to today.  The not-yet can be defined as: the preferred future of what we aspire to become and do.  

I believe this tension reveals the intrinsic value of having a steady "lattice" to sustain fruitful growth that will remain and multiply.  Imagine with me for a second.  You plant a vineyard and establish a good sized lattice for the grapes to emerge into.  The 1st day you plant the grape seeds, it might look a little odd because you have a lot of lattice and not one single grapevine growth.  Herein lies the gap between reality (no fruit) and fulfilled vision (lattice-filled fruit).  The empty lattice is a picture of the future: what you want to see happen and where you want the plant to grow.  But that hasn't happened yet.  However, you, the vineyard gardener, have what I'd call "grape vision".  You don't dismay because you know that grapes don't grow overnight.  You know that it takes healthy soil, watering, weeding, pruning, and sunlight.  But you also know that none of those things will prove fruitful if the grapes are left to grow on the ground.  They need the lattice to grow and go to their full potential. 

In the same way, our Worship ministry will grow in conjunction to a several essentials: character-filled people, healthy culture, good communication, solid leadership, God-dependent people, prayer and more.  But for a ministry to have life-giving fruit over time, it needs just enough structure to sustain that growth.  Without it we might have some good things going on for awhile, but without the "lattice", we are indirectly telling the "grapes" to survive and grow on the ground.  This is why a God-centered Vision, Mission, Strategy and Values are essential.  Check out the link to see our Vision, Mission, Strategy, and Values: /vision/ 

When you look at our Vision, Mission, Strategy and Values (our "lattice"), you might wonder (especially when you look at the Strategy portion) how we are practically tooling some of these things out?  If you are wondering this, that is good.  What you are noticing is a portion of our "lattice" that hasn't developed fruit yet.  This is the beauty (and needed tension) of the whole process.  But it's not tension without purpose.  Why?

  1. Because the vacant parts of our "lattice" give us a clear picture of where we need to grow and go.  And as a result, we now know what goals are necessary to become the fruitful ministry God has called us towards.  
  2. Because the "lattice" gives us a standard to measure results, prune branches, celebrate fruit, and advance together.  

Thank you for all of your investment in the MCA Vineyard as we prepare the wineskin for the outpouring of His new wine.  I look forward to seeing all that God has planned and prepared for us as we walk in step with Him!

Have a Blessed Day!


Serving Up An Experience (Part 2) - See The Gap, Close the Gap

In my last post we saw that the role of the worship and tech team was "to facilitate an experience that allows the King to commune with His people."  There are many things we could say that help facilitate this experience, but I'd like to pick one for this post.  I'm going to call it "See the Gap, Close the Gap".

There is an inherant link between the Praise of His people and the manifest Presence of the King.  I believe that a Praising people experience the Presence.  "Yet you are holy, enthroned on the praises of Israel." Ps 22:3.  But this is the exact spot we get tested.  Believers and unbelievers are facing or will face personal mountains and challenges of varying degrees that grab our attention.  And the more they grab our attention, the less we tend to praise.  The less we Praise, the less we experience the Presence of the King.  Herein lies the Gap - between Praise & Presence.  

As worshippers, our role is to See The Gap and Close the Gap first in our personal lives.  So, how do we close it?  I believe it starts by understanding the power of true praise.  Webster's definition of Praise: "to express thanks to or love and respect for (God).  We see here that Praise is an external expression not just an internal reality.  1 Peter 2:9 says..."that ye should shew for the praises of Him..."  Notice it didn't say, "sing forth or play forth" although singing and playing are part of if.  Showing forth implies a displayed expression.  

Why is a displayed praise so important?  According to Psalm 22:3, our displayed Praises (rooted in thankfulness) sets up a big throne in the middle of our congregations for the King to come and sit.  And when the King shows up ON the foundation of the praises of His people, what happens?  The schemes of the enemy are thwarted, the mountains we face melt before Him, the discouragement we feel disapates, the lies we believe are replaced with truth, and the Presence of the King gets stonger and stronger and stronger.  No longer is the King just peeking in through the back door of the meeting.  He is now Enthroned in His rightful place ON our praises. 

Truthfully, we have no power to close the gap between a person's praise and the presence of God in their life. And honestly, the Bridegroom gets very jealous when we try to coerce His Bride.  We only have power to Praise Him and let the King's Presence show up and close that gap.  

My prayer is that our Praises, in every venue and site, would continue to be lit up by the fire of the Holy Spirit and lifted to the Father as incense, so that He can show Himself in His Body stonger than ever.  Thank you for your service to the King and investment at MCA Church! Your ministry as a worshipper is crucial to the health of the Body!

Thank you for Doing the Little Things that Make the Little Difference that Make the Big Difference!  


Serving Up An Experience (Part 1)

In my last post I illuminated a life-giving experience I had in the Starbucks drive-thru.  The driving-force of that experience was in motion way before it was delivered.  What was the driving force?  Answer: How the barista viewed her life and job.  How we see our lives will greatly affect our approach to what we do.  Consequently, how we view our role in the worship experience will greatly affect the environment.  

What is the role of the worship team?  Simply put: To facilitate an experience that allows the King to commune with His People.  One of the most used Greek words for worship is latreuo.  Latreuo means to minister to God.  In other words, our priestly job description is to serve God.  This means we serve His desires. And what does He desire most? His people.  Consequently, our job is to serve up an experience that will allow the Bride to keep attention on the King.  Worship Pastor, Zach Neese states it this way, "When I'm ministering during a service, I often picture myself as a waiter at a table in a nice restaurant.  My job is to serve the guests of honor, the King of Kings and His Bride to be."  

One of the most important things to remember when serving up a worship experience is that we are simply there to serve the desires of the King, not our desires, nor the desires of man.  My job is to find out what the King wants for dinner, then serve in a way that allows the Bride to have uninterrupted conversation with the King.  In essence, I am to serve in such a way that eliminates distraction between the King and His people.  

How do you view your role as a worship team member?  How does it affect the way you approach worship?

God Bless you as you Serve the King!


The Question Everyone Is Asking

If you know me, you probably know that I love coffee.  I'll pay money for it even if it's bad, at least a couple times.  When I think about it, I'm paying for something that has no nutritional value.  Yet I do it anyway.

Yesterday was no different, so I decided to get a drip coffee at Starbucks.  However, what I was about to experience in the drive-thru would make it different in every way.

When I approached the intercom and waited to receive service, I expected the traditional "What can I get for you?" question.  Instead, the cheerful barista simply asked, "How are you?"  In that moment (after choking on my spit), my traditional experience changed to a valuable, life-giving exchange.  This exchange continued all the way until I got my coffee in hand. 

After driving away, I thought, "Why was that experience so cool?"  I realized that the barista answered a question that we all are asking, even if we don't verbally ask it.  The question is,  "Do you care about me?"

Deep down every person is silently asking this question everywhere they go.  At Starbucks the barista shifted the focus from Coffee to Care - from Product to People.

This barista has discovered the most important thing for her job.  She has decided to focus on the one domino that will knock all other productive dominoes down for Starbucks, her career, her life and much more.  Why? Because she focused on people first. 

It's amazing to think that this level of care is being delievered in the name of a nutritionless drink called coffee.  Yet, I will return to my fruitless habit at Starbucks or anyplace that exhibits this kind of care. 

As a worship community, we are not delivering a nutritionless religion.  We are delivering the Hope of the world.  The cool part is that God allows us to be a part of the delivery process.  But how are we delivering this Hope?  Does it matter?

John 13:34-35 says- "A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another; just as I have loved you, you also are to love one another.  By this ALL people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another."

Jesus is saying that the Hallmark feature that must define our interactions is a genuine care for each other (received from Him) that is so evident and contagious, that outsiders taste and see this incredible God.  Yet, this verse implies that the opposite effect will happen when the embedded condition isn't met.  Jesus includes the small word "if" in this verse.  "....All people will know you are my disciples, IF you have love for one another."  Apparently, how we relate is paramount to Jesus and His mission. 

Why?  Because when a community of people are so committed to a genuine display of God-centered love towards each other, the people that come up to our "drive-thru window" will get an answer to the question they are continually asking, which is "Do you care about me?" And when they experience this, a pathway is opened for them to experience the God who ultimately cares for them.

Starbucks cares in the name of coffee.  We care in the name of Jesus. 

God bless you as you help people answer this question.  Who knows, you might surprise somone so much that they choke on their spit too.  : )


Why Start With Why?


Why mom?  Why dad?  Why?  Why do we find ourselves asking why from such an early age?  It's an essential question because according to Simon Sinek, the concept of Why is grounded in the tennants of biology.  It exists in the part of the brain that controls all of our behavior and all of our feelings like love etc..  But it doesn't control language which is why it's hard to put into words and this is why we default to feelings.  This is why we say things like, "I just love Apple products" or "I love that brand".  We say it because of the Why.  That brand has clearly answered the Why for you.  We love and trust brands because we understand the context of the Why of an organization or company.

Since God has hard-wired you and I to naturally live out of the context of Why, it is thus essential for us to start with Why in all we do.  Jesus understood this.  When he began His 3 year ministry, His first declaration centered around Why he came..."to proclaim liberty to the captives, recovery of sight to the blind, to set at liberty those who are oppressed, to proclaim the year of the Lord's favor".  And everywhere He went he continued to do this.  And the reason His "Why" was so compelling was because it was inextricably linked to solving our human problems.  

As God-Worshippers it is of the utmost importance to start with the Why of our worship and continually rehearse and remind ourselves of it.  When the Why of our worship is blurry, we begin to adopt faulty and even worldly starting points to define our worship.  

This is why we start each ministry year out with our Annual Worship Summit in September.  As a worship community, there is power in a unified Biblical understanding of Why we worship.  If this question is not answered correctly at it's foundation, everything we build on top of it will suffer.  

So, since we are just over half way through the ministry year, I wanted to invite all of us to rehearse and remind ourselves of the Why of our worship ministry by taking 35 minutes to listen to the Summit Talk from last September.  You will see how our "Why" is linked to solving a global problem and how your active participation makes all the difference in the world.  

You can view the talk by clicking on the link below.  Unlock the video by entering: mca


Enjoy the Journey!


Venue-Wide MCA Audio Training

Get Ready for a Top-Notch MCA Audio Training!

Our Trainers:

Joe Marchetti                                      Joel Brisson

Here are the Details:

WHAT: This is an Essential Audio training designed for both the Advanced and Beginner.  You will learn the essentials in running sound as it pertains to the Heart & Skill of an Audio Technician.

WHY: The MCA Worship/Arts Vision is: "To Develop A Community of Contagious God-Worshippers" Those that run sound at MCA play a crucial role in pointing people to the Lord.  Our goal in this training is to give you the tools to succeed in this endeavor.  When we have a team that is unified in Heart & Skill, we have a team that will experience the benefits and blessing of the Lord.

WHO: This is for Two Groups of People. 

  1. Anyone who currently runs audio in any of our 9 MCA venues/sites are asked to attend. This includes Youth desiring to learn as well. 
  2. Anyone who is interested in learning how to run sound and join the MCA Audio Team.

WHEN: Saturday, November 16th.  9am - 3pm.  Lunch Provided.

WHERE: MCA Central Campus LIVE Sanctuary.

HOW: The day will be divided into 2 parts.

  1. Part 1: From 9am - Noon we will have an Essentials in Audio Overview for everyone.  This will cover everything you need to know to succeed in running Audio at MCA.
  2. Lunch is provided from Noon-12:30.
  3. Part 2: From 12:30 - 3pm we will divide into 2 groups.
  • Group 1: Anyone who runs sound in LIVE or SNL.  This group will learn how to run our New Digital Sound board.  It will be essential for our LIVE & SNL sound techs to attend as this is our primary training on this new board.  Joe Marchetti will be leading this training.
  • Group 2: Anyone who runs sound in any other venue/site will go to the North Campus to get hands on traning on what you just learned in Part 1.  Joel Brisson will be leading this.


Come and Be Enriched & Equipped!


MCA Worship/Arts Summit

Our Yearly MCA Worship/Arts Summit & Appreciation is fast approaching!

If you missed the Summit the last 2 years, you might be wondering, "What is the MCA Worship/Arts Summit?  Ok, so here's the Who, What, When, Where and Why of this event:

WHOIt's for all MCA Worship Teams, Tech teams, Stage Operations teams, Set-design teams that serve in LIVE, SNL, Life Community, Video Cafe, Multi-lingual, Strong Tower, Greatest Hits, Island Revival, and Youth.  It's also for people interested in joining the MCA Worship/Arts.

WHATThe SUMMIT is designed to energize us for the ministry year to come, re-emphasize they WHY of our ministry and catalyze (is that a word?) us towards the vision God has given us.  Come and see!

WHENSaturday, September 21st starting at 11:00am.  Ending at 1pm (if not earlier).   Child-care is not provided.

WHEREMCA Central Campus in the LIVE Sancutary.  

WorshipThe event starts off with energetic worship artist Scott Hussey and the Abbott Loop Worship Team! Come early.  You won't want to miss the worship starting at 11am.  You'll enjoy their modern brand of worship.

AppreciationWe then go into a time of appreciation to all of you who serve so faithfully in our ministry!  Everyone who has served this past year will receive a special gift.  I can't wait to get one too. 

Vision: Then I'll launch the new Yearly theme for our teams and go into time of Vision Casting for the year to come.  Our Theme this year is called "ELEMENTS". Come and see what it's all about! 

Fun: Lots 'O Door Prizes.

FoodLastly, we will serve you lunch!   

Come before 11am so you can grab a cup of coffee, sign in at the check in table, and get for prepared for a great opening set of worship to kick things off!

Please RSVP via email so that I can buy an approprate amount of food.  My email is

See you there!

Michael Roux

Rallying Power

In all circumstances, it is only God's strength that counts.

"But you have raised a banner for those who fear you - a rallying point in the face of attack." ~Psalm 60:4

The beginning of Pslam 60 reveals that God is shaking the land of His people and breaking down its defenses.  When this happens in the hearts of His people, God is shaking off our feeble defense mechanisms that appear strong but matter little.  David describes a sense of defenselessness, but it's because God wants him to see His power which ultimately saves.

Our mind's eye cannot see His power when it is clogged by our human "strength".  Hence, the shaking of our personal "land" initiates the test of what (or Who) we truly trust.

David comes to understand that while he feels broken down and defenseless, God raises a banner for those who fear (reverence) Him, which is the a-ha moment!  And what is that a-ha moment?  That God's power rallies to those who understand their weakness before the Almighty, and that it's His power that becomes their fortress even in the face of attack.

At the end of Psalm 60 David understands that his ability to gain traction and win the battle is dependent on God's Rallying Power.  Hence, his heart has a renewed reverence (fear) of his God enabling him to let go of his own "strength" and lean into the unwavering power of his Lord.  Therefore, with confidence he declares:

"With God's help we will do mighty things, for He will trample down our foes. (Psalm 60:12 NLT)

Live Great in His Power!


He Took Notice...


God specializes in choosing and recognizing the humble to accomplish his long term purposes into eternity.

Luke 1:48 says, "For He took notice of his lowly servant girl, and from now on all generations will call me blessed."

This passage is a song of Mary's response to God choosing her to be the one to carry the Son of God.  Here is an unassuming servant girl who has been hand-picked by God to carry the Son of God so that He can carry the sin of the world to save us.

It's intriguing to watch how God chooses those with whom He wants to work.  The biggest key appears to be humility

The humble have an unassumming quality that understands that they are not the "cat's meow".  They understand that there is something so much greater to live for than their glory and accomplishments.  They are people that have the capacity to carry the message because they are trustworthy. 

God is looking for trustworthy, humble people that can carry the message long term.  

And God took notice of Mary.  The magnetic pull was - Humility.  The outcome? The ushering of a New and Living Covenant between God and man that would radically alter the course of history for eternity.  

God did a similar course change through a man named Moses.  And what was his cornerstone characteristic? You guessed it - Humility.  Numbers 12:3 - "Now Moses was very humble- more humble than any other person on earth." 

The underlying disposition of a humble person is the sense that they don't have all of the qualifications to accomplish the will of God.  Moses felt so underqualified that he told God to send someone else.  However, while Moses kept giving God excuses, God saw his humble disposition, which qualified him.  God saw that he could be trusted with the message for the long-haul which ultimately revolutionized the course of the Israelites and ushered them into the promiseland.  

God chose Mary, and God chose Moses, but they both had to activate their faith in the unseen.  Humility combined with radical faith is a recipe for a God-sized revolution for all generations.

 "For He took notice of his lowly servant girl, and from now on all generations will call me blessed."

Let humility characterize your being and step out in faith when He calls! Let Him find you trustworthy to carry the message for the long-haul to all generations!

Be blessed




Jesus' Blood and Valuable Relationships

Sunday’s message empowered us to remember our role as a spiritual priest everywhere we go in our relationships.

As we walk, we carry the presence of God and the fullness of His grace upon grace. Now, we can step into relationships with the power to bring relational healing and joyfully share His grace.

I used my $200 Joe Montana Rookie card to illustrate the value of people and relationships. That card was so valuable to me that I protected it with unbendable plexi-glass. How important are relationships to you? Are they so valuable to you that you are willing to protect them? The shed blood of Jesus sealed God’s unconditional love and our unchangeable value. His blood speaks the price he was willing to pay to benefit and protect our relationships. 

Be blessed as you live out the royal priesthood!


"In Times Like These" - Series


 As Pastor Kent leads us into the new sermon series, "In Times Like These", our Worship/Arts Teams are working to support his messages with matching themes!

The context of this sermon series will center around our solid foundation in Christ that anchors us in a world that is broken.  No matter how the wind blows, we have have a genuine hope that is sure.  Yet, while this Hope is ours, Peter urges us to be ready to give a reason for the hope we have to everyone who asks (1 Peter 3:15).  This Hope has the power to hold us as well as shine through us to a world that is searching.

Our Worship music, during this quarter, will encourage us to Hold Onto the Hope we possess, and it will urge us to Hold Out this Hope to those in our world.  

A real world is searching for a genuine hope that brings life In Times Like These.

Be blessed



MCA Worship/Arts Summit


Hey MCA Worship/Arts Teams Venue-Wide!

Mark your calendars!  

Saturday, August 25th 10am-Noon at the MCA Sanctuary! The first 24 people that register on Saturday morning will receive a special prize!

Get ready to kick off our new ministry year at our Yearly Worship/Arts Summit!

Our Theme: SAIL the 7 C's

We kick the morning off with premier Worship leader Johnny Ramirez and band. You will be refreshed! You won't want to miss him. He's one of the best!

Then I'll launch our Worship/Arts Theme for the year! Get ready to catch the vision for this upcoming ministry year. Everyone will receive something for the Head, Heart, and Hand. And yes! You'll receive lunch for the stomach!

Once again, here's the Who, What, When, Where Etc.
  • WHAT: MCA Worship/Arts Ministry Summit Kickoff
  • WHERE: MCA Sanctuary
  • WHEN: Saturday, August 25th starting promptly at 10am.  End at Noon.
  • For WHO: All Venue-wide MCA Worship Teams, Sound and Media Teams, Stage Operations Teams.  And Anyone interested in getting involved in Worship/Arts.
  • WHY: Cast Vision for the Year and To Gather as One to Worship and Refresh.
Please RSVP via email to

Let me know if you have any questions!

I look forward to seeing you!