Leading Edge Podcast - Episode 7 - Arising Tide - The Power Of Vision

What helps galvanize a team?  I believe one of the core pieces to watching a team galvanize and grow together is due to a compelling vision.  In my 8th grade year in basketball, our team lost the championship.  The week following our loss, our would-be 9th grade coach pulled our team into his classroom and wrote 3 words on the chalkboard: 9th Grade Championship.  The vision was crystal clear.  It was simple and compelling.  The next year we went to the 9th grade championship, played the team that beat us twice in the regular season, and we beat them in double overtime!  How significant was that simple and compelling vision statement!  It was huge! And it became even more significant when we finally saw the vision happen.  In this podcast, we look at the Power of Vision, where it comes from and why it is so essential to who we are and what we are doing in worship!  Enjoy!

Leading Edge Podcast - Episode 6 - A Rising Tide: Summit Launch

"A Rising Tide lifts all the boats in the harbor" said John F. Kennedy.  Referring to the economy, he's saying that when the economy of a nation rises, so do all of the small businesses dependent upon it.  The same is true in God's economy.  When we, God's people, Arise into the call that is bigger than ourselves, we begin to see the lost, the nations and all of creation come to our rising.  Come meaning: come to Jesus, come to Healing, and come to Redemption.  Episode 6 casts the vision for our worship community under the theme: A Rising Tide.  Click below to hear the Summit Launch and where God is taking us.

Leading Edge Podcast - Episode 5 - Hardwired to Shine: Carry The Light

Have you ever wondered what can give you the confidence and boldness to be who God called you to be and do what God called you to do?  Well, you are not alone.  The truth is that, as Believers in Jesus, we have been given a "DNA" that beckons us to live in the power, authority, fruitfulness, truth and mercy that God desires to see growing in our lives.  The answer is found in understanding what we already carry and how we carry it!  The answer is closer than you may think.  So far, this is one of my favorite podcasts.  Check it out! 

Leading Edge Podcast - Episode 4 - Hardwired To Shine - Steward The Light

Have you ever heard the phrase, "Heaven On Earth?"  Perhaps it was a phrase sung in a cheesy 80's rock band.  Or maybe you've said it after eating your favorite Subway sandwich.  Either way, there is something in our souls that crave the realities of heaven to be made real on earth.  In this episode we will uncover one of the powerful truths that open the door of heaven to earth.  It may take you by surprise.  Enjoy hearing one of the things God calls you and I to do as modern day priests.  It can literally allow Heaven to be on Earth!

Leading Edge Podcast - Episode 3: "Hardwired For Light - Let it Out"

Jesus calls His people the light of the world.  In doing so He implores us to Let our light shine.  But what does that mean, why is it so essential and how do we truly do that?  In this podcast we continue to unpack one of our yearly goals --- the goal of Increased Praise.  We are going to look at the heart-position that marks a true worshipper.  In doing so, we will discover the undeniable power that transforms a heart which in turn cannot help but Illuminate His light into a world of darkness.

Leading Edge Podcast - Epis. 2 - "Hardwired For Light - Who Am I?

One of our goals this year is to grow in our understanding and expression of Praise.  Praise is a beacon that Illuminates and brings Jesus in our world.  But why are so many churches lacking in the Praise department? Sometimes, it can look like sardine worship - people just staring at the band motionless and emotionless.  I believe it's because we are leading people without first teaching them Who they are and the powerful effects that follow from an understanding of their true identity.  Enjoy listening to Episode 2 called "Hardwired for Light - Who Am I?"  CLICK BELOW TO LISTEN.