Leading Edge Podcast - Episode 7 - Arising Tide - The Power Of Vision

What helps galvanize a team?  I believe one of the core pieces to watching a team galvanize and grow together is due to a compelling vision.  In my 8th grade year in basketball, our team lost the championship.  The week following our loss, our would-be 9th grade coach pulled our team into his classroom and wrote 3 words on the chalkboard: 9th Grade Championship.  The vision was crystal clear.  It was simple and compelling.  The next year we went to the 9th grade championship, played the team that beat us twice in the regular season, and we beat them in double overtime!  How significant was that simple and compelling vision statement!  It was huge! And it became even more significant when we finally saw the vision happen.  In this podcast, we look at the Power of Vision, where it comes from and why it is so essential to who we are and what we are doing in worship!  Enjoy!