VISION | mission | STRATEGY | values


Why are we doing what we are doing? 

How are we getting there?

And what guides us?



Developing a Community of Contagious God-Worshippers 

(Vision is An articulated dream stating Why we do what we do)

It answers the question: Why are we doing what we are doing?)



To Bring Our Vision Into Reality We Will Seek To:

  • Experience  |  God as individuals and a community. ---------------------- CORE

  • Prepare  |  artists, musicians and techs for serivce. ----------------------- CRAFT

  • Influence  |  people towards a transformed life. ---------------------------- CHARACTER

  • Create  |  environments to reach the lost & strengthen believers. --- COMMUNITY



We E xperience God by.....

(Developing our Core)

We P repare artists, musicians, & techs by.....

(Developing our Craft)

We I nfluence people by....

(Developing our Character)

We C reate environments to....

(Engage our Community)

(Mission gives us Measurable and Movitvational pathways that turns the vision into practice.)

It answers the question: How are we carrying out the vision?



P.R.A.C.T.I.C.E  Definition  |  A Custom or Habit of Doing Something

  • Providing quality worship, music & arts

  • Risking failure through innovation and reinvention of programs.

  • Affirming, honoring, and valuing others through authentic leadership.

  • Creating quality sound, graphics and set-design with excellence.

  • Trusting God for the impossible, unknown and unseen.

  • Investing in others through open and honest relationships.

  • Coaching leaders to realize and fulfill their shape and potential.

  • Empowering leaders through active ministry opportunities.

(VALUES are Guide-posts and reminders that focus our teams)

It answers the questions: How will we go about our work? Do we walk the talk?