How To Operate Our New In-Ear Monitor (PowerPlay 16)

Hey Team!  If you sing or play on the LIVE Platform at MCA for either Sunday morning or Sunday night, you will need to watch this 10 minute video to learn how to operate our new In-Ear system. Taking these 10 minutes to watch and learn will save you a lot of time come rehearsal and service time.  The video is thorough and easy to follow.  I think you will enjoy this new addition!

How To Use Our In-Ear Aviom System

Hey Team, have you ever had a bad mix in your in-ear monitor? I'm sure we all have at some point.  Knowing how to get a good mix in your Aviom mixer on stage will give you greater confidence as a player, singer and worshipper. Below is a very good tutorial that will equip you to know: 1) What the buttons and knobs do.  2) How to get a good stereo mix.  3) How to set the Master Volume. 4) How to mute certain instruments/vocals. 5) How to save and recall your mix.  Enjoy the video!